Kerala, the home of Ayurveda, charms numerous globetrotters who try to encounter the enchantment of this deep-rooted Indian science. Today, the state is specked with a sizable number of Ayurvedic Resorts and focuses that render fantastic ayurvedic treatments and medications. Vapika guarantee revival of the body as well as help in achieving peace of mind. Vapika also includes yoga focuses to give their guests a holistic experience of the treasured Indian science. One can discover Vapika in Cherai that offers ayurvedic treatments in each financial limit.

For the treatment of chronic diseases or any other serious health problems, you can get in touch with Ayurvedic practitioners dealing in these specific ailments. Before planning your trip, you can contact the physician via email and share your medical history and details. Such records will enable them to identify your problems correctly.

Cherai is not only famous for its beaches, which offer exotic scenic beauty and a great opportunity for the visitors to enjoy sun bath or hang around in the beach area. The place has earned quite a bit reputation as an ayurvedic research center. Vapika ayurveda provides ayurvedic treatment  in Cherai, which offer ayurvedic healing of different sorts of diseases. The best part of ayurveda is that it is not much expensive and the medicines do not have any prominent fatal side effects.

So, if you are looking forward to spend your holidays in Cherai, then plan for some worthy ayurvedic treatments in Cherai.


We have highly experienced and efficient male and female Ayurveda doctors. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ajay Rag, has his Masters digree in Panchakarma. He has several years of experience in the field, and has worked in many reputed resorts,hospitals,clinics,medical colleges in Kerala. He has special skill in caring people with addiction.

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Our specialists

At Vapika, the highly trained and skilled massage therapists
will work with you to meet your individual needs
Dr. Ajay Rag
Chief Consultant
Mr Dinil Kumar
Addiction counsellor & Nursing in charge
Dr. Hemi Thacheril
Pranic healer & Nutritionist

What our customers saying

“Extremely relaxed and felt asleep sinusitis was cleared and want to come back again to vapika”
“The best massage in my life thanks to the therapist and it was the best massage ever .as i am leaving back to Spain tomorrow otherwise is should have come everyday..thanks to all”
“Very good experience all the therapists are very good and excellent in their job it is a wonderful experience to us ,thanks.”
Devender Singh
“Massage was therapeutic my pain minimized.”
Dhrity Upadhya
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