Body purification

  • Panchakarma is the sophisticated body purification therapy in Ayurveda, in which our medical team is specialized and experienced. In this therapy, the toxins in the body are expelled through the different openings in the human body. The methods are,
    • Sneha Panam
    • Dhamanam
    • Virechanam
    • Vasthi
    • Raktha mokshanam
    • Plus all rejuvenation packages
    • oil bath
    • Oleation therapy

    Cost of this treatment is $150 per day duration will be 14 days 21 days and 28 days


    Fat reduction program
    Using Ayurvedic procedures, yoga, natural elements and herbal meds, reducing 10-25 kgs with out any side effects, is not a dream anymore. We make it possible using,

    • Powder massage
    • Pouch massage
    • Steam bath
    • Diet control
    • Slimming juices
    • Exercise therapy
    • Fat reduction massage (shaping massage) and
    • Dhanya-amla dhara ( fermented cereals drip)
    • Slimming body packs
    • Anti-inflammatory treatment
    • water therapy

    the cost of the program is $80 per day and the duration is 21 days and 28 days

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